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    Maurits Wiesenekker

    B. 1993 (Amsterdam)

    Currently a student at the University of Amsterdam

    I am interested ways of looking in which instinct and intuition aren’t cut off by the intellect. This search has sparked my interest in attempts to perceive reality as it is in itself: apart from its existence as images in the mind of an observer. Most of the times, these attempts will inevitably fail, but in the trying itself there is also something to gain. The resulting differing ways of looking can be regarded as being contemporary (i.e. in respect to using present-day technologies), but in the same breath as being primordial as well.

    "I refuse to accept that a painter may or must do nothing but paint. I mean that while many regard, for instance, reading books or something else as what they’d call a waste of time, it seems to me on the contrary that — far from working less or less well if one attempts to learn about another area that’s nonetheless directly related — one works more and better as a result — and at any rate the point of view from which one sees things and one’s approach to life is a matter of importance and a great influence on the work."